The Scottish Phylogeny Discussion Group

The Scottish Phylogeny Discussion Group (SPDG) meets to discuss phylogeny reconstruction and associated areas of research, including comparative genomics, phylogenomics, population genetics and taxonomy.

Meetings are hosted by a range of institutions in or near Scotland. Expenses are not available for local speakers, but registration is always free.

Join the SPDG

If you wish to join the SPDG, email with subject “Join SPDG”. In the text of your email, please include:

  • your title (Miss/Mrs/Ms/Mr/Dr/Prof)
  • your place of work or study, if any
  • a summary (max. 10 words) of your research interests.

You will then receive occasional relevant email, e.g. announcements of meetings.

People who have registered to attend any SPDG meeting are automatically enrolled, and do not have to request membership.

Previous Meetings


The Scottish Phylogeny Discussion Group is funded by a grant from the Scottish Bioinformatics Forum and by the former Centre for Evolution, Genes and Genomics at the University of St Andrews.


The overall organizer of the Scottish Phylogeny Discussion Group isĀ Dr Daniel Barker.