Prof Mike Ritchie:

Prof Mike Ritchie

Prof Mike Ritchie
Dyers Brae
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TH

tel: 01334 463495
fax: 01334 463600
room: DB3

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Evolutionary Biology and Speciation


His major research field is the evolutionary genetics of behaviours which influence sexual isolation, and other approaches to the study of speciation. Current research projects involve analyses of the quantitative and molecular genetics of song and pheromones of various species of Drosophila. Other projects include population and phylogenetic analyses of Mexican fish and crickets.


Evolutionary Biology and Speciation

His research interests concerns the evolutionary genetics of sexual isolation in insect species, and other approaches to the study of speciation. Research projects involve analyses of the inheritance and geographic variation of courtship signals and preferences of Drosophila and crickets. Also, comparative genomic analyses of various species.

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Recent Publications:

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Field cricket genome reveals the footprint of recent, abrupt adaptation in the wild Sonia Pascoal, Judith E. Risse, Mark Blaxter, Timothee Cezard, Richard J. Challis, Karim Gharbi, John Hunt, Sujai Kumar, Emma Langan, Xuan Liu, Jack Gregory Rayner, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Basten L. Snoek, Urmi Trivedi, Nathan William Bailey
Evolution Letters 2020 vol. 4 pp. 19-33
Purifying selection in corvids is less efficient on islands Verena E. Kutschera, Jelmer W. Poelstra, Fidel Botero-Castro, Nicolas Dussex, Neil J. Gemmell, Gavin R. Hunt, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Christian Rutz, Jochen B.W. Wolf
Molecular Biology and Evolution 2020 vol. 37 pp. 469-474
Behavioural mechanisms of sexual isolation involving multiple modalities and their inheritance John Hunt, Christopher Mitchell, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Nathan William Bailey
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 2019 vol. 32 pp. 243-258
Evolution and diversity of the courtship repertoire in the Drosophila montium species group (Diptera: Drosophilidae) Ai-li Chen, Chuan-cheng Chen, Toru Katoh, Takehiro K. Katoh, Masayoshi Watada, Masanori J. Toda, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Shuo-yang Wen
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 2019 vol. 32 pp. 1124-1140
Selection for reproduction under short photoperiods changes diapause-associated traits and induces widespread genomic divergence Hannele Kauranen, Johanna Kinnunen, Anna-Lotta Hiillos, Pekka Lankinen, David Hopkins, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Anneli Hoikkala
Journal of Experimental Biology 2019 vol. 222