Prof Mike Ritchie:

Prof Mike Ritchie

Prof Mike Ritchie
Dyers Brae
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
KY16 9TH

tel: 01334 463495
fax: 01334 463600
room: DB3

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Evolutionary Biology and Speciation


His major research field is the evolutionary genetics of behaviours which influence sexual isolation, and other approaches to the study of speciation. Current research projects involve analyses of the quantitative and molecular genetics of song and pheromones of various species of Drosophila. Other projects include population and phylogenetic analyses of Mexican fish and crickets.


Evolutionary Biology and Speciation

His research interests concerns the evolutionary genetics of sexual isolation in insect species, and other approaches to the study of speciation. Research projects involve analyses of the inheritance and geographic variation of courtship signals and preferences of Drosophila and crickets. Also, comparative genomic analyses of various species.

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Recent Publications:

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A genome-wide investigation of adaptive signatures in protein-coding genes related to tool behaviour in New Caledonian and Hawaiian crows Nicolas Dussex, Verena E. Kutschera, Gavin R. Hunt, Russell D. Gray, Kim Rutherford, Hideaki Abe, Robert C. Fleischer, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Christian Rutz, Jochen B.Wolf, Neil J. Gemmell
Molecular Ecology 2021 vol. 30 pp. 973-986
Cold adaptation drives population genomic divergence in the ecological specialist, Drosophila montana Venera Tyukmaeva, Anneli Hoikkala, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Maaria Kankare
Molecular Ecology 2021 vol. 30 pp. 3783-3796
DrosoPhyla Cédric Finet, Victoria A Kassner, Antonio B Carvalho, Henry Chung, Jonathan P Day, Stephanie Day, Emily K Delaney, Francine C De Ré, Héloïse D Dufour, Eduardo Dupim, Hiroyuki F Izumitani, Thaísa B Gautério, Jessa Justen, Toru Katoh, Artyom Kopp, Shigeyuki Koshikawa, Ben Longdon, Elgion L Loreto, Maria D S Nunes, Komal K B Raja, Mark Rebeiz, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Gayane Saakyan, Tanya Sneddon, Machiko Teramoto, Venera Tyukmaeva, Thyago Vanderlinde, Emily E Wey, Thomas Werner, Thomas M Williams, Lizandra J Robe, Masanori J Toda, Ferdinand Marlétaz
Genome Biology and Evolution 2021 vol. 13
Experimental evolution supports signatures of sexual selection in genomic divergence Paris Veltsos, Rhonda Snook, Michael Gordon Ritchie
Evolution Letters 2021 vol. 5 pp. 214-229
Sex-specific responses to cold in a very cold-tolerant, northern Drosophila species Tapio Envall, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Maaria Kankare
Heredity 2021 vol. 126 pp. 695–705