Dr Nathan Bailey:

Evolutionary biology, genetics, genomics, social behaviour

Member of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Young Academy of Scotland


source: symbiosis

Recent Publications:

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An evolutionary switch from sibling rivalry to sibling cooperation, caused by a sustained loss of parental care Darren Rebar, Nathan William Bailey, Benjamin J.M. Jarrett, Rebecca M. Kilner
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2020 vol. 117 pp. 2544-2550
Field cricket genome reveals the footprint of recent, abrupt adaptation in the wild Sonia Pascoal, Judith E. Risse, Mark Blaxter, Timothee Cezard, Richard J. Challis, Karim Gharbi, John Hunt, Sujai Kumar, Emma Langan, Xuan Liu, Jack Gregory Rayner, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Basten L. Snoek, Urmi Trivedi, Nathan William Bailey
Evolution Letters 2020 vol. 4 pp. 19-33
A silent orchestra Jack Gregory Rayner, Sarah Aldridge, Fernando Montealegre-Z, Nathan William Bailey
Ecology 2019 vol. 100
Behavioural mechanisms of sexual isolation involving multiple modalities and their inheritance John Hunt, Christopher Mitchell, Michael Gordon Ritchie, Nathan William Bailey
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 2019 vol. 32 pp. 243-258
Indirect genetic effects Rafael L. Rodríguez, Darren Rebar, Nathan William Bailey
2019 pp. 49-55