simpops.mac is a free script written by Daniel Barker and Richard Sibly. simpops.mac uses the theta-logistic model of population regulation to simulate observed population time series, with environmental perturbation and measurement error.

simpops.mac is a Minitab macro and requires Minitab statistical software to run. We have used it under Minitab version 14.20 for Windows.

Open simpops.mac in a text editor (e.g. Notepad). Read and follow the instructions given in a long comment at the top of the script.

The current version is simpops.mac 1.0.


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Citing simpops.mac

Barker, D. and Sibly, R.M. 2008. The effects of environmental perturbation and measurement error on estimates of the shape parameter in the theta-logistic model of population regulation. Ecological Modelling219, 170-177.

See Also

Users of simpops.mac may also find it helpful to download genlogistic.ssc.

With slight modification, genlogistic.ssc may be used to analyse the output of simpops.mac.


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We are grateful to Research Councils UK for financial support.